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tv   Fox News Night  FOX News  January 30, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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that he will 100% release that classified intel memo written by republican devin nunes. we await that release. and that is all the time we have tonight. hit me on twitter and facebook. i want to hear from you, your reaction to the state of the union. i'll see you on radio tomorrow morning. back here tomorrow night. shannon bream continues our live coverage right now. >> shannon: you've got a quick turnaround, you've got to go home and get some rest, laura. we will hear you in the morning. thank you so much. hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i am shannon bream in washingto washington. ♪ president donald trump delivering his first official state of the union address on tuesday, warning of the perils of illegal immigration, counting the economy, and calling for a bipartisanship. the president leaned heavily on personal stories of white house gas in the crowd. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is
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still awake, standing live on capitol hill and joins us with reaction to tonight speech. >> president trump challenged democrats to work with him to address immigration and to rebuild much of the nation's infrastructure. the president's first state of the union address went one hour 20 minutes and 30 seconds. it was interrupted by applause 111 times, and one of the powerful moments was when the president told the compelling story of a north korean defector who traveled thousands of miles on crutches to freedom. >> today he has a new leg, i understand, you still keep those old crutches as a reminder of how far you've come. your great sacrifice is an inspiration to us all. >> democrats are not find much to applause. many did not crack a smile, despite the president's outrage. when it was done, they turned to a fresh face from a political
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dynasty for a response. >> politicians can be cheered for the promises they make. our country will be judged by the promises we keep. >> part of the president's healing message was making reference to the story of house republican weapon steve scalise, after everything he has been through, i asked him what that salutes from the president meant to him. >> it is really special that he continues to root for my recovery and he's a special man, a warm man, many people don't get to see that side of him. i've been blessed to see it all the way through this and i think a lot more people saw that tonight. >> other members of congress after the address said they were really touched by the true american stories that president highlighted throughout his first date of the union tonight. shannon? >> shannon: mike emanuel live on the help.
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thank you very much. according to twitter, tonight's presidential address as a record breaker. it is the most tweeted state of the union or joint session address ever. 4.5 million tweets, breaking previous record of 3 million. the president only briefly mentioned russia but the topic came up plenty and the democrats responses. chief national correspondent ed henry is following that story and more. >> shannon, great to see you. "the new york times" online immediately tried to frame this speech is out of touch by writing a president focused on what he called extraordinary successes but "avoided the turmoil of the robert mueller special counsel investigation." even though every president, democrat or republican, focuses their state of the union speeches on their accomplishments and avoids controversies. that didn't stop senator bernie sanders in one of several democratic responses to the address from charging the president leaving out any messaging of rushing and interference in the 2016 election, showing he has "a special relationship with vladimir putin."
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but tonight, a senior republican close to the president said he never intended to mention the russia pro-because white house officials did not want to step on the speech in any way but now this republican memo about the obama administration surveillance of trump officials is likely to be made public by the president by the end of the week. in fact, look at this video that we got of the congressman jeff duncan asking the president about releasing the number as he was leading leaving the house chamber. made it clear. >> 100%, he said that memo written by devin nunes names andrew mccabe as one of several officials who may have approved the surveillance of trump officials why the washington --dash while "the washington post" is reporting that andrew mccabe had been sitting on another batch of hillary emails.
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top of those text messages between peter strzok and makes a page about a meeting in mccabe's office over insurance policy, an case trump won the election. mark warner, who is leading wanted investigations, slammed the president, sitting at a time of the dedicated men and women of the fbi and the department of justice are under attack from the president's allies, i was extremely disappointed not to hear the president deliver a clear and unequivocal statement of support for for a relations career law enforcement officials." but donald trump jr. told fox tonight, our own sean hannity, that rank and file fbi agents support the truth coming out about the fbi leadership, and that in fact, the agents on the ground believe it was a seventh floor leadership at the fbi headquarters that got political and the last election. you can see the president's
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family jumping into defend him. meanwhile, will white house lawyers are coming to that republican memo now, we are likely to see it by the end of the week as the president indicated tonight, shannon. >> shannon: we await. ed henry live early in the morning with us. thank you. the president highlighting guests to drive from its policy points from the parents of the victims of the ms-13 gang, to the parents of student student otto warmbier who died after returning home from north korean custody. he spoke of a potential agenda items for 2018, like a call for $1.8 trillion in new infrastructure spending and partnerships with states and private specter. >> tonight and calling on congress to produce a bill that generates at least $1.5 trillion for the new infrastructure investment that our country so desperately need needs. every federal dollar should be leveraged by partnering with state and local governments and where appropriate, tapping into private sector investment to
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permanently fix the infrastructure deficit. any bill must also streamline the permitting and approval process, getting it down to no more than two years and perhaps even one. >> shannon: chris stirewalt, fox news politics editor, joins us now. it's past your bedtime. >> we are rocking and rolling. >> shannon: i'm glad you're here. infrastructure is one thing that the president can get some bipartisan movement on. we got different reactions from democrats. we will let you react to them. senator dick durbin says "of the president chooses to follow through on his prepared remarks giant, he will find democrats ready to work with him on lowering prescription drug pric prices, and passing meeting full paid family leave, and protecting dreamers. "the top democrat in the senate, chuck schumer says...
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is this a little good cop-bad cop? >> i think you see the role of humor has got to give democrats in line, so they can vote and stick together, and the minority, unity is so crucial. but dick durbin's job is to cut the deal with trump, that is what he is therefore, cutting video trump. i'm here, i'm ready, let's do business. >> shannon: did you expect to hear more bipartisanship in this speech? this is something the white house told us was coming. >> we should say, first and foremost, as a piece of stagecraft, this was an excellent speech in that way. it was a lot like a speech he gave last year but it was uneven -- it was an improved version of the one he gave a year ago, switching out obamacare -- last year it was all about obamacare come up this year, switching the immigration be sent to that. the mistake the right has made with us is that they promised
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bipartisanship. here's how it goes. "the washington post" obviously had their first edition -- i wish i had a print version to show you -- "the washington post" had their first version and they can, "a new era of bipartisanship" reads the first edition. of that as the reviews are coming in on the speech, they go, never mind, actually, and by the second and third edition, they are on to a new vision for america or whatever their take away line for memoirs. the white house, to agree, the president's friends in the press, they overstated how much bipartisanship was going to be here. it probably got lost because if they wouldn't have build it that way, if they had under promised an over delivered on bipartisanship, they would have been a different narrative going into tomorrow. >> shannon: the moments that seem to have the most impact were the ones that were tied to these personal stories, so the president was able to hammer home syllabus policy points by
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things that brought tears to your eyes. if you have a beating heart and you saw the man who escaped north korea hold up his crutches, that he used to escape you're trying to to freedom, i mean, these stories were amazing, and that wasn't the only one. they were first responders, there were heroes of all kinds. >> that family, i believe it was a firefighter and his wife, and they adopted that baby, from the woman who was in the throes of heroin addiction, and you see that, and the crutches will be the moment. that will be -- the crutches will be the take away. that is the visual. but i got to say, i got to say, he gave a good speech a year ago, and people said, okay, maybe he can do this, this is good, they weren't sure about him, only a month into office. what matters is tomorrow. a year ago, the white house wasn't ready to execute and then they waited five or six months, they failed on repealing obamacare a few times and they groped around in the dark trying to find a way to do this. they finally got the tax cut past, i shouldn't say finally,
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quite surprisingly and impressively, they got the tax cut past. the question for this white house is, they've got a big agenda, can they execute, get these pieces into place? most importantly now, they got to get a deal on illegal immigration and illegal immigration or the rest of this is just -- >> shannon: the president as we talked about some of the meat of his speech, outlining the park peddlers of the deal the white house hopes to put together, and overall it was upbeat. he talked about how well the country is doing, the future and how we will all come together and we could work together and make this country better than ever. it sounded hopeful, it sounded in contrast to what we heard, there were numerous democratic responses come up but the official one from joe kennedy. >> joseph kennedy, that emotional support peacock that they were trying to put out on the delta flight, he needed that bird. >> shannon: is at the role of the minority to say, things are not good and i'm warning you, this is not go to? >> he was not prepared for the speech that trump was going to
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give. he did not give a bipartisan speech. he gave a partisan, red meat speech where he was keeping -- doing what he does, keep that 35 to 40% of the country that is with him, he keeps them with him and they love him and they walked away from us and saying, i love this guy even more than ever. when the democrats have a response, he was upset, anxious, terrified, he seemed like he was afraid of the moment, bring the peacock in, chill everybody out. >> shannon: it's time for pjs. i got a few more minutes. the peacock pj's. you have begun pj's? >> speak it with only plates. when i know what to get you for secret santa this year. 11 mama south. chris stirewalt, thank you. the economy, a strong talking point despite a tough day on the market. how much credit should the president get? real debate that. plus immigration front and center during tonight's speech. one democrat says he's ready to work with the white house, another says, no way, the president stoke the fire of division. we will break down the multiple
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♪ >> shannon: not surprisingly immigration was a central theme before, during, and after tonight's state of the union. the emotional moment with the
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family members of two girls killed by the ms-13 gang. the president also praised the law enforcement agent who arrested more than 100 gang members. many democrats brought so-called dreamers as guests, fighting against the narrative, sparking one g.o.p. congressman to wonder whether the u.s. capitol police should be checking the immigration status of everyone attending tonight. it did not go over well with folks on both sides of the aisle. democratic congressman tim ryan did not bring a guest, he left his seat for him open for an illegal who had been deported. president trump scored one of his biggest applause lines tonight on this hot topic. >> my duty, and a sacred duty of every elected official in this chamber, is to defend americans, to protect their safety, their families, their communities, and if they are right american drea. because americans are dreamers, too. under our plan, those who meet education and work requirements,
10:18 pm
and show good moral character, will be able to become a become full citizens of the united states. the second pillar, fully secures the border. the third pillar ends of the visa lottery. the fourth and final polar protects the nuclear family by ending chain migration. speed when he talks us through the four pillars they want to see in a deal. joining us now, guy benson and richard fowler, fox news contributor and radio talk show host. great to see both of you. we knew immigration is going to be at the core of what he was talking about tonight but it was also expected obviously by the left, we want to play what congressman kennedy had to say about this topic. >> bullies may land a punch. they may leave a mark. but they have never -- not once in the history of our united states -- managed to match the strength and spirit of
10:19 pm
the people united in defense of their future. >> shannon: okay. don't want to read too much into that but i think we know what he was talking about. richard, what do you think of his response? >> it was an interesting response and i think it speaks to a larger issue that i think president trump has, as b and his first year and he starts a second year is president, if you listen to the speech on the merits, it's a very typical republican speech, ronald reagan would deliver, you would think he would have a higher popularity rating and amongst americans for delivering such a speech. i think what you see here, the issue, the dichotomy, is a character question as president has. he is seen as a bully, some see him as rough around the edges, and these character issues make it very hard for him to get support from the quote unquote establishment republicans as well as democrats who agree with him on some of these issues. >> shannon: guy, we've been told that character shouldn't have anything to do with how these guys do their jobs and legislate.
10:20 pm
>> that had been the democratic line and now it's the republican line. i think what is interesting about what richard said, if you look at the merits and the content of the speech, it was, unquestionably, a success. that was my instinct as i watched it. i thought the democrats reaction and the team -- in the chamber was out of touch with how the people would interpret what they were watching at home. as we have seen from the last hour from two other networks, showing 70-75% of people who watched the speech had a positive response to it. you juxtapose that overwhelming majority with the democrats who could barely -- they look like they were at a funeral. they could barely look at the guy. glum, downtrodden, scaffolding through good news. that is not a good look for the democratic party. >> shannon: they are still part of the resistance and that is not going away and clearly they are at odds with this president. but all should be expected? >> if you bring this back to immigration, what we saw a
10:21 pm
couple of hours ago on sean hannity, ted cruz said the president trump's position on the dreamers is the farthest left you can become a farther than obama. democrats who came on other networks saying this immigration policy is as far as red as policy, and it sets up where we go next week, we have another showdown, another countdown clock for a government shutdown when immigration will be the reason why this government shutdown's again -- >> shannon: february 8th. >> and it's because this framework that the president has put out is both hostile to democrats and hostile to republicans. >> it is not a far right or far left immigration proposal. it just isn't. >> ted cruz said that giving a pathway to citizenship to 1.8 million dreamers as the far, far left and its amnesty. i don't agree with that but that is what he said. >> it is amnesty. the point is the fact that you've got ted cruz uncomfortable the surgeon elements in the democrats screaming white nationalism on the other, maybe there's a
10:22 pm
middle ground that trump is actually occupying here. >> shannon: let me redo this. i was trying to find this part from the president. he said, based on the discussions we've been having, we presented to congress with a detailed proposal that should be supported by both parties as a fair compromise, where nobody gets everything they want but where our country get the critical reforms it needs. >> here's the thing. the problem i have for this framework as i think this ideal of limiting the diversity lottery is -- the idea that we are letting all these people in with the diversity lottery is a very, very small number that coming to this country, and the venting is very severe. just because you get picked in the lottery doesn't mean you come to america the next day. you go through a year of vetting, they look at your police records, education -- >> shannon: at least one of the recent terror attacks in new york -- -- >> that is one wild hair and, the majority the people in the country want nothing more than to achieve -- >> it's not a red herring, it's a data point. >> shannon: one example of -- >> one example. but with that being said, i do
10:23 pm
agree with the president when it comes to the dreamers. i disagree with him when it comes to the wall. if you talk to ted cruz in the far right and the freedom caucus, they would say we disagree with all of these other parts. >> it sounds like you like compromise, richard. >> it is not about compromise, it's about the votes. the problem is president has is the house, this framework, it doesn't pass. >> shannon: they are two different frameworks. it's 1:00 a.m. we are a little punchy. there has been no punch. i want to make that clear. the two sides of the hill have to work on this because they are so far apart. this, for a lot of people, i've been surprised by some people who i think you're further to the right he said they could deal with this. we are out of time. >> very quickly, he laid it out and for processing the explanations. here is my plan, four prongs, a lot of people said that is unexpected, cm, seems commonsensical to me. >> shannon: we'll see. >> we'll have to see. the devil is in the details. >> shannon: it always is. stick around.
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much more on the state of the union analysis from guy and richard later on including the economy that the president touted in all you need to know about the numerous democratic responses and with the media saying. we are keeping track of all of it. stay tuned. so, how's it going? well... we had a vacation early in our marriage that kinda put us in a hole. go someplace exotic? yeah, bermuda. a hospital in bermuda. a hospital in bermuda. what? what happened? i got a little over-confident on a moped. even with insurance, we had to dip into our 401(k) so it set us back a little bit.
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>> shannon: the president called for bipartisanship during tonight's speech and he hit on themes ranging from hiring to prescription drugs to giving terminally ill americans access to experiment of therapies. democrats did not seem especially enthusiastic. >> the individual mandate is now gone. [applause] >> apple has just announced it plans to invest a total of $350 billion in america and hire another 20,000 workers. [applause] >> the motto is "in god we
10:29 pm
trust." [applause] >> the fda approved more new and generic drugs and medical devices than ever before in our country's history. [applause] >> shannon: a red, democratic congressman luis gutierrez explained that he wanted americy is still resisting this president. former congressman from a great state of utah, jason chaffetz, joins us. you are on the floor. what was the mood of there? >> a nice benefit, a former member of congress, you can sit there with all the democrats not deciding to show up, they were plenty of seats. i have the president was pitch-perfect. i thought it was one of the best speeches. i think he hit on themes and he was highlighting regular americans who went through extraordinary circumstances. i got to tell you, it was disgusting, it was an appropriate, i thought it was
10:30 pm
flat out wrong the way a lot of the democrats on the floor, not all of them, but a lot of them acted. i mean, we are recognizing a police officer and his wife in new mexico who helped a young child by adopting it into their family and you had democrats sitting on their hands. >> shannon: i couldn't tell. some of the policy things i would expect, they wouldn't cheer for the individual mandate or appeal but i would think for those stories and for things that are to the common good of america that they would be standing for some of those. >> the flag, and god we trust, protecting the border, helping our troops, recognizing ordinary americans who went through extraordinary circumstances. these democrats have the gall to sit on their hands and if luis gutierrez talked about, just resist. they are resisting america, they are resisting apple pie, they are resisting the flag. i think that was in stark contrast to the patriotism that you saw exuding from the president in a very tempered way, something they said they wanted to see from the president.
10:31 pm
then you saw the rousing applause by the republicans in unison. it gets tiring going up and down especially when you're out of shape as i am. you got to get up and down all the time. >> shannon: they were 110, 115 different applause lines, that will happen to the party that is aborting a president. in the meantime, we have 12 democrats we understand who said we won't go, i'm leaving a seat for jason chaffetz. it will show up at where all black in protest or support of #metoo or any kind of what you want to interpret that. interesting point, i can't remember if this was -- i think it was when he was leaving. i can't remember if he was leaving, but a moment with congressman jeff duncan. we want to play that and get your reaction. >> will you release the memo? >> oh, yeah. don't worry. 100%. >> shannon: he saying they will release the memo and it sounds like the president will
10:32 pm
say 100%. what you think should happen? >> i do think it should be released. i think america is open and transparent, we are on the side of being self-critical, that's how you improve things. a lot of this was about a closed case at the fbi, that a lot of people thought it was mishandled. the democrats were leading the charge about mr. comey and felt like he was acting inappropriately. but the more we learn the facts, the more the democrats switch their positions two oh, no, now we don't want to see it. i just think we just have to look at it in order to fix it, if there is nothing wrong, then america will see that. but this will be the first bit of evidence the inspector general will come in, appointed by president obama, 450 employees of michael horowitz's group, when he comes out, i think that will be the most definitive word. it's people and what do you make from house minority leader nancy pelosi in the top democrats and adam schiff
10:33 pm
saying that what the g.o.p. has put together in their four page memo, it is misleading, it mischaracterizes what was happening, democrats saying they are working on their own memo where they can get a release because they can't get it to the boat. is that part of the transparency thing? wheel at the democrats released layers, too. it's because we haven't seen the memo yet. the republicans on the intel committee weren't able to read the democrats' memo. some gyrations there within the intel committee. i do think it will ultimately come out. i think the president, as he said to jeff duncan on the floor of the house tonight, he is committed to having that out there. i think the president wants to expose the truth. shouldn't we all stand for the truth? i mean, what are we afraid of? we should want to know what happened to my close case where there is a lot of allegations where things were mishandled. >> shannon: are you worried about the impact on morale of the fbi and other places? there are many, many good men
10:34 pm
and women, who are sacrificing to defend this country, to get bad guys and gals, do you worry about the effect business and having on them? >> the rank and file people that i know within the intelligence community and within the fbi, they are good, hardworking, patriotic people who put their lives on the line for this nation. but i think they also recognize that may be some people in management, some senior people, may be mishandled things. that makes them even more disgusted than ever and i hope they know in their hearts that what members of congress are doing -- and i was doing what i was in the house is trying to ferret out the garbage so they can do the job they were hired to do and it is sometimes difficult and you got to call people to the carpet. but that is who we are as americans. that is how we make things better. we are self-critical but that is part of america. we've been doing that oversight since 1814. abraham lincoln did it when he served in congress. >> shannon: way back in the
10:35 pm
day. will you stick around and come back? we have some other things to talk about. thank you. stick around, we are taking stock of reaction from the media and hollywood elites. the president being called a racist and worst tonight after his speech. plus highlights with the president's plans to give the economic good times rolling at the democrats response to all of those proposals. all that and more still to come. ♪ drive. it's fine. because i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident free. and i don't share it with mom! right, mom? righttt. safe driving bonus checks. only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it. my healthy routine helps me feel my best. so i add activia yogurt to my day. with its billions of live and active probiotics, activia may help support my digestive health, so i can take on my day. activia. now in probiotic dailies. my lineage was the vecchios and zuccolis. through ancestry,
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♪ >> shannon: somewhat complicating the president's message or night of the economy was a big sell-off on the dow jones industrial average tuesday. the so called the trump pump has been a big part of the president's messaging on but stocks fell triple digits as investors digested a rising interest rate environment. complicated stuff for the president is bullish. >> since the election we have created 2.4 million new jobs, including 200,000 new jobs in manufacturing alone. after years and years of wage stagnation, we are finally seeing rising wages. unemployment claims have hit a 45 year low. african-american unemployment stands at the lowest rate ever recorded and hispanic-american unemployment has also reached the lowest levels of history. >> shannon: let's bring back guy benson and syndicated radio
10:40 pm
host richard fowler, both fox news contributor's. gentlemen, all of the things about the economy are accurate description of the vote is going on now but the mainstream media take i have read yesterday and today leading up to the speeches, yes, that's good but it's not the president's doing. >> i give the president credit for the year we've had but i think anybody who looks -- you can forget the economy in a vacuum. it's a building thing, so would president obama got the keys to the economy in 2008, we were at negative gdp growth, thanks to his has policies, we saw african-american unemployment ce across the board started to go . president trump is benefiting from that and his policies are helping because he is a businessman and he goes after corporations, singable work with you. he's helped in that process but you neglect the fact that president obama really worked on getting our economy out of the ditch as a farce. i want to do some fact-checking and the president. he talked about saving the auto industry.
10:41 pm
if you ask the obama people, they will say, no, we built up the auto industry and we got a back up and running and i think that is factual. >> shannon: guy, some people are still not happy about that bailout. >> that's a whole separate issue. i would say it would have been political malpractice for the president not to have gone through the litany of positive news that he did because he should be trump hating it, it would be crazy for him not to. mine would be vis-a-vis obama, it would have rebounded better, faster, if not for his policies that were a wet blanket on that recovery, and trump is now, i think, throwing jet fuel on this whole thing which is good. i was also very pleased to see his detailed, lengthy defense of tax reform, where he went through unexplained, not just what happened but the immediate results and telling americans and taxpayers, keep an eye on those paychecks that are going to go off in the next few weeks. one small but not that small criticism, it's like the national debt is gone.
10:42 pm
this was a republican president that did not mention entitlement reform, which is a mathematical necessity, he talked about infrastructure spending and mandatory paid leave for families, not a word about reducing spending or forming entitlements and that is worrisome to me. >> shannon: they continue to do the short term agreements, we haven't had real budgets in years. part of that is tied to sequestration of the military. here's with the president said about what he wants to see happen on that front. >> i am asking congress to end the dangerous defense sequester and fully fund our great military. >> shannon: what do you think, richard? >> i think that's an interesting point about the deficit. when democrats are in power, republicans complain about the deficit spending. george bush ran the deficit up como when barack obama tried to run it up, then the republicans said it was awful. trump is in power -- and we are
10:43 pm
saying the deficit is a problem. >> shannon: plenty of folks on the hill on the g.o.p. side of the aisle who think it is monstrous what they are doing with the spending. >> where i will give the president, paid family leave is something that democrats and republicans can work on to get done. it should have got on a long time ago. we are the only developed country in the world that does not have paid family leave. it should be a federal policy at i think if this president wants to get something done, reach across the aisle, it's a perfect policy initiative. i'm pretty sure guy hates it. >> shannon: how will they pay for it? >> also federal mandates coming from up high across all businesses, that he's talking about the regulations, obama nearly doubled the size of the national debt in eight years, which is an extraordinary accomplishment if you can follow that but part of the reason that i was proud in various elections to support republicans is because they believe they were actually serious adults in the room on this issue and actually care about the math whereas
10:44 pm
democrats don't at all. now it is sort of like our guy is, these are not his issues, so we are going to pretend like it's gone and kicking that can on a bipartisan basis is screwing over our generation and it bothers me. >> shannon: when you walk by that clock at sixth avenue in new york and it's constantly going -- the national debt clock that goes -- faster than your eyes can follow it. it is a little bit -- >> shannon: the one thing i wily that i knocked the president or from a politics of it, the fact that he had the tax legislation, and he's not going out to tell us, going to trump country, the states that he won like michigan, where his disapproval rating is higher than his approval rating, i think that's a big mistake. >> keep selling it. >> but he's not selling it. >> shannon: hugh might have some places of agreement that might surprise folks. good to see you late tonight and early this morning. some other news, just mom was before president trump's first date of the union address. hillary clinton offered an
10:45 pm
explanation via social media for why she didn't fire a top 2008 campaign aide accused of sexual harassment. in a lengthy facebook post, she writes, "the most important work of my life has been to support and empower women so i very much understand the question i'm being asked as to why i liked an employee on my 2008 campaign keep his job despite his inappropriate workplace behavior. the short answer is this: if i had at it to do again, i would" she said she also believes in second chances and didn't want to terminate his employment. schools schools are closing becf influenza. 25% of staff and sick were out sick yesterday. if you haven't gotten a vaccine yet, there is still time. public health officials are urging everyone to use the three cs, cover crops and seizes, contain your terms when possibl possible. human error and an adequate --
10:46 pm
for the missile alert that was sent earlier this month. the fcc said it took 38 minutes to recall the alert because hawaii didn't have a standardized system for sending corrections. leave this afternoon, the prisoners on the alert was fired and hawaii's emergency management administrator resigned. the media reaction to this speech tonight has been downright hostile at times but the president called a racist and much more in the wake of tonight's speech. we will look at some of the low lights next. ♪ that's why there's ocuvite. ocuvite helps replenish nutrients your eyes can lose as you age. it has lutein, zeaxanthin and omega-3. ocuvite. be good to your eyes. kayak compares hundreds of travel and airline sites so you can be confident you're getting the right flight at the best price. cheers! kayak. search one and done.
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>> shannon: by and large, the main stream media doesn't seem to be buying the president's bipartisan message. listen to this. >> it's intended to be a costume party. the theme being to pretend to be someone you're not. honestly, i go through these things, especially these teleprompter speeches he gives, it's not him. it is hard to judge these beaches because we know it's not him. >> shannon: that wasn't all. later hollywood political activist rod reiner said he felt sorry for the media because they had to listen to this president. >> i feel bad for you that you have to talk about this. the guy is a racist. he's a misogynist, and he's a pathological liar. >> shannon: okay, let's digest this with jason chaffetz.
10:51 pm
you are on the floor tonight, also a fox news contributor, and you have stayed late or early, whatever this is. >> on the west coast, they are just getting going. >> shannon: we love it. let's start with the first one about the media part where chuck todd said it's tough for me to watch this stuff because i know it's not him. but when he is him, they hate him. >> these people have their scripts already written, there teleprompter was already -- they have a narrative, they want to put him in a box, they want to characterize him in a certain way. that is sent to donald trump was tonight. when you have a flash poll from cvs 75% approval across the board to 25, go ahead and have the democrats show their true colors and sit there like they are next up to go in to see the orthodontist. >> shannon: the commentary from chuck todd and chris matthews, there is a differencet
10:52 pm
side to him, all of us have different sides when we are giving a formal presentation, the state of the union, no president would do it without a prompter. when he has a night like this, they are disappointed because it doesn't leave them enough room to criticize him. >> exactly. we weren't seeing raw barack obama when he came up and gave his speech. and so when you have the president really think they are what his comments are going to be, what does he want to talk about, if you blew it, which he didn't, he would own it, but he hit it out of the park. i mean, democrats have nothing left to criticize on the policy, they want to talk about some other superfluous things that really don't hit the mark. i mean, america thought -- you saw the flash poll -- i think overwhelmingly thought, i agree with the president. >> shannon: i think we have a video that you talked about, a video of the house minority leader, nancy pelosi, she had a tough gig tonight because there wasn't a lot of this that she could stand up and cheer for because so much of it was
10:53 pm
policy. there she is and there were times that she stood up and clap for things. but it seemed like she had a lot of uncomfortable moments there, too. a tough position to be in because the cameras are on you if you are the minority leadership. >> nancy pelosi was proving my all americans should get a flu shot. look at her. she's got this discussed -- we are recognizing americans. >> shannon: may be she's not well? >> i'm just saying -- there were times when she was sitting on her hands, refusing to clap, we are talking about ordinary americans doing amazing things, people who are saving babies, people who are serving their country, they are fighting isis, they are saving lives. and these democrats sat on their hands and it was so offensive. maybe it didn't come as a crossn the television as much as it was palpable in the how there was a set of people who just could not stand up, could not put their hands together, to think
10:54 pm
the country. >> shannon: when you were sitting there in president obama was talking about things that he wouldn't support? >> polite but whatever we are talking about, troops, flag, country, first responders, of course we all stand up as americans and that is the disgusting thing that i think people get fed up with washington, d.c., and they say oh, my gosh, you can't even agree that the read, write, and blue, is the country that we stand for. >> shannon: quickly, the hollywood elites not a fan of the speech. you saw rob reiner, he said the president is a racist and all kinds of other things and he feels sorry for the media that he hasn't taken seriously. >> come on. when you watch the totality of the speech, i think america, the nice thing about giving a speech, it was long, it probably could have been shorter. when you have that much time, the president is talking directly to the american people. they don't have the filter of chris matthews. they don't have the filter of cnn to try to spin it the way they want to spend it. and rob reiner, he makes good
10:55 pm
movies but i really don't care what he has to say. >> shannon: all right. that's it from him then. thank you for coming in. last we heard from former white house aide alma omarosa,e said she has a story to tell about the white house. now she has a brand-new gig. is she getting ready to spill the beans? that is next. sfx: muffled whistle text alert. i'm your phone, stuck down here between your seat and your console, playing a little hide-n-seek. cold...
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11:00 pm
most watch, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening h us. good night from washington. i am shannon bream. ♪ ♪ gsh ♪ ♪ >> bret: a live look here on capitol hill a beautiful but crisp look at the nation's capitol as we are now just moments away from president trump delivering his first official state of the union address. good evening from washington, i'm bret baier. >> martha: i'm martha maccallum. president trump is set to enter the house chamber like many before him sergeant at arms announcing the president of the united states to the speaker of the house and to the american people. >> bret: we have a full slate of people preview break down the president's speech and the democrats' response. but,


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